SHEQ24 Software Features

SHEQ24 Software Features for South Africa

SHEQ24 software is developed in South Africa by South Africans

Cloud Base

The software is a cloud-based operation, therefore it can be accessed from any device that has access to an internet connection.

Site Security

We have aligned the system with internationally accepted cloud security and we will strive to continually protect our clients’ data with the latest security principles.

Global View

The system is designed to accommodate small companies, single users, as well as corporate operations. These can be made up of either multiple companies, branches or projects. The responsible person will be able to manage all operations from one location.

Construction Safety Files

Managing construction compliance is now easy. Once the system is populated with the required information the user (Construction Company) will be in a position to generate unlimited site-specific safety files at a fraction of the normal cost.


Once your compliance requirements are set, the integrated reminder system prompts the user or responsible person on which compliance aspects are due, or expires, and what actions are to be taken to maintain compliance. This is achieved via e-mail and push notifications.


Dashboards and personal workspaces are live items on the system and are updated regularly with inputs from our clients and other sources. It allows access to critical information by a simple click of a button.


This module interacts with a number of critical modules for example incidents and online inspections. Non-conformances and corrective actions are at the center of ISO compliance. This module assists in the requirement to establish continual improvement.


Critical employee information is captured and readily available in the event of an incident or full evacuation. It further manages the occupation, critical tasks, job observations, incident stats, amongst other aspects related to employee SHEQ compliance.


Planning for and the availability of resources are critical in each SHEQ science. This module guides the user in establishing and maintaining resources to be compliant with standards and legal requirements. Plan preventative maintenance, statutory inspections, request and create job-cards. All incorporated in this module. Further to the planning of expected maintenance activities, it also caters for resource emergencies for example breakdowns and replacement activities such as hiring equipment.


The document repository module allows for a full document management system, from document initiation (Draft) format to approval, revision control as well as document and records management. The user will be able to upload and manage their own documents and templates.

Risk Management

Risk management made real simple. No need to be a qualified SHEQ Manager to perform an assessment. The risk management module covers all aspects of SHEQ, such as occupations, contractors, baseline, resources, high-risk tasks and jobs amongst others. And it is performed online.


Incident management is now simple, easy to report, investigate and manage. The software calculates all incident statistics and provides the required guidance for improvement.


Incidents can now be lodged online, at the scene of the incident. Evidence, such as photographs and videos of the incident scene is loaded and stored with the incident report. Investigations are controlled and guide the investigator in determining the root cause of the incident. A trend analysis of resource and employee involvement is available in this module.


Inspections can still be done in the traditional manner, and be uploaded onto the system. The ability to perform an online inspection is incorporated and creates the platform to be more effective in non-conformance management. Online inspections are created on the content of the client’s current inspection information.


Plan internal, external and certification audits. List all findings, create corrective actions and a list for each audit report.


Define legal appointments, appoint employees and link the appointment to the training matrix to ensure 100% compliance.


Training requirement inputs are received via risk assessments, incident investigations, occupational analysis, appointments and a number of other areas. A full Training Needs Analyses module and Training Plan module is available. The user is able to list all the company courses, both internal and external and also provide the ability to store proof of training.


Record meeting contents in order to increase minutes accuracy. Create online meeting minutes with an active and live to-do-list.


This module is not limited to the traditional OHS Committee, it allows for the inclusion of all types of committees and relevant minutes.


Define compulsory medicals and align them with Hygiene Surveys and Man-Job-specs. Setup an individual employee medical and ensure future scheduled medicals are not missed.


PPE is linked to an occupation and a person within the occupation. It provides for the management of stock, company-wide issuing as well as the reason for usage.


Develop your emergency plans based on risk and hazard inputs. List the plan and schedule Evacuation drills. Critical information during emergencies is readily available.


An organization’s ability to produce a quality product or service largely depends on the ability of suppliers to provide a quality support product or service. Vet all your suppliers online and ensure they comply with standards, legal requirements and most importantly, your rules.

Contractor Control

Without a doubt, the most important risk to manage in a company. The software will assist you in achieving Construction Regulation Compliance, managing and assisting contractors on site to achieve critical SHEQ compliance and assist in enhancing the protection of employees, resources, and the environment.

SHEQ24 Management  Software

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Our clients use the SHEQ24 Software Features to implement these standards

These standards and protocols are not included in the software, we only give you the opportunity to manage your own standards.


BRC ISO 22000


ISO 14001:2015


ISO 9001:2015


OHSAS 18001 OHS Act

ISO 45001


A Few Clients

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